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Dobreff Design Carbon Fiber Wine Bottle Holder - Gloss

Dobreff Design Carbon Fiber Wine Bottle Holder - Gloss


Item #: 10511

Genuine carbon fiber wine bottle holder in a unique and modern shape with a high-gloss premium finish
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Part of the Dobreff Design luxury line, the bold and beautiful wine bottle holder is inspired by the gentle movement of ocean waves.  The accessory is not just a piece of home decor, but also allows you to store your favorite wine in a horizontal position, per the recommendation of experiences winemakers.

The bottle of wine floats in the air like a magic trick, leaving the illusion that it is free-standing without falling.  Entirely made of 100% genuine carbon fiber and a little magic from the makers, it stands stable and secure.  Since the 3 layers of carbon fiber are ultra lightweight, its lower part is compounded and reinforced for better stability.

Entirely handmade, this wine bottle holder will bring style and beauty to your home, both in everyday like and during special celebrations.

This particular model is made of a high-gloss luxury finish.  A special process is used to do this, and allows you to feel the weave and structure of the material plus it offers a durable exterior.

Additional Info/Specifications

Additional Information

Brand Dobreff Design
Item # 10511
Manufacturer Part Number CTF121
Actual Item Weight (grams) 173
Materials Used Carbon Fiber
Product Dimensions 16" in. x 1.9" in. x 10" in.
Warranty 2 years
Compatibility No
Product Origin Bulgaria