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Dobreff Design Carbon Fiber Vase

Dobreff Design Carbon Fiber Vase


Item #: 10360

Angular shaped modern vase made from real carbon fiber and over 1-foot tall
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Part of the Dobreff Design luxury line, the mentality for the carbon fiber vase was searching the balance between classics of the present and future of high-tech and modern materials.  With its angular design, this modern vase is a brave decision for people who love to decorate with modernistic and beautiful options.

This carbon fiber vase is entirely handmade using 3 layers of carbon fiber with a unique exterior allows you to feel the carbon fiber weave and structure as well as giving it a durable and premium matte finish.

The original concept was meant to be used for decorating or dried flowers, but since then a removable insert was added that will allow you to add a couple real flowers with water.  Even if flowers are not used, it is a beautiful sculpture that stands over 1 foot in height.

Additional Info/Specifications

Additional Information

Brand Dobreff Design
Item # 10360
Manufacturer Part Number CTF146
Actual Item Weight (grams) 181
Materials Used Carbon Fiber
Product Dimensions 4.8" in. x 4.8" in. x 15.5" in.
Warranty 2 years
Compatibility No
Product Origin Bulgaria