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Dobreff Design Carbon Fiber Curved Display

Dobreff Design Carbon Fiber Curved Display


Item #: 10349

Modern display made with genuine carbon fiber, perfect for displaying things like fruits, ornaments and more
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Part of the Dobreff Design luxury line, the curved display is inspired by the gentle movement of ocean waves.  Originally envisioned and named a "fruit holder", it was changed to curved display due to its endless decorative possibilities.  The black carbon fiber has an amazing contrast to items of bright colors.

Made of 100% genuine carbon fiber and a little magic from the makers, it stand stable and secure.  Entirely handmade using 3 layers of carbon fiber with no supporting materials, this piece of decor is ultra light and will bring style and beauty to any room.

The unique exterior allows you to feel the carbon fiber weave and structure as well as giving it a durable premium matte finish.

Additional Info/Specifications

Additional Information

Brand Dobreff Design
Item # 10349
Manufacturer Part Number CTF142
Actual Item Weight (grams) 41
Materials Used Carbon Fiber
Product Dimensions 22" in. x 3" in. x 2" in.
Warranty 2 years
Compatibility No
Product Origin Bulgaria