About Us

ARKDAP was started by the founder of Carbon Fiber Gear, a high-end retailer specializing in unique lifestyle products made with or out of carbon fiber.  With the experience and understanding of retailer needs and logistics, ARKDAP was launched to provide products in the same realm to other retailers and designers worldwide.  We launched as exclusive US distributors for brands Carbon Touch, Dobreff Design and TagArmur, all of whom specialize in consumer products made with carbon fiber.  Our experiences with these consumer carbon fiber products allow us to know and understand what the market is looking for.  We take pride in our client service and attention to quality.

If you are interested in offering our brands and products to your customers, we're looking for high-quality partners to work and be succesful with.  Fill out our form and we'll reach out to you for more information.

What is Carbon Fiber?

What's so special about carbon fiber?  Often associated with industries such as aerospace, motorsports, defense, sports and high-end consumer goods.  It's a material best known not only for being extremely strong while remaining lightweight, but also its unique and modern high-end looks.